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Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes: Yes, They Are A Scam
16 August 2017 by Gaetano

Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes (or Lil Fats, Inc.) is a complex scam. This review will explain how they’re running a deceptive business model that has become massively successful due to a slick combination of social media advertising, ou...
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Music Industry Exposed: 5 Schemes That STILL Exploit Unsigned Artists
14 August 2017 by Gaetano

This article is going to piss a lot of people off. If you’re one of the millions of independent artists/producers out there trying to make something of yourself, you’re going to love what I’m about to tell you. If youR...
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I Got A Major Label Meeting And Nothing Happened
01 August 2017 by Gaetano

Yes, I did get a major label meeting… and nothing happened. I’m going to explain how I got the meeting, and why nothing happened. Oh, You Do Music? Yeah… Me Too…  At this point in 2017, we all know someone trying to ma...
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Music Career or Expensive Hobby? Which Do You Have?
30 July 2017 by Gaetano

Music career or expensive hobby? How do you distinguish between the two? Which one do you have? The first step is being honest with yourself....
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How I Got Booked For An International Show Without Trying
24 July 2017 by Gaetano

In this article, I am going to explain how to get booked for shows as an independent musician. Follow these steps, and you’ll get booked without even trying. But first, ask yourself… Are You The Moth, Or The Flame? “Be the...
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