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How To Become a Songwriter in 2022 (And Actually GET PAID)
26 May 2022 by Geo Euceda

My name is Oscar Geovanny Euceda, better known as Geo, and this is my songwriter story. In this guide, you will learn exactly how to become a songwriter, build your career in the music industry and more importantly – how to make money an...
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Songwriting Tips for Beginners: Advice Worth Following in 2022
15 May 2022 by Gaetano

Choosing a career in the music industry as a songwriter is crazy. There is a constant power struggle between the artistic side (the fun part of making music) and the business side (actually making money, the more frustrating part).  In this...
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How To License Your Music For Commercial Use (And GET PAID)
01 May 2022 by Gaetano

Musicians are always looking for ways in which to share their music with the world. One way to do this effectively is by licensing your music for commercial use. As a songwriter, you can sufficiently release your music and tracks where they w...
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Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes: Yes, They Are A Scam
01 May 2022 by Gaetano

Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes (or Lil Fats, Inc.) is a complex scam. This review will explain how they’re running a deceptive business model that has become massively successful due to a slick combination of social media advertising, ou...
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I Got A Meeting With A Record Label. And Nothing Happened.
09 April 2022 by Gaetano

Yes, I did get a meeting with a record label… and nothing happened. I’m going to explain how I got a meeting with a major label, and why nothing happened. YOU DO MUSIC? YEAH. ME TOO. 🙄 We all know someone trying to make it in the music...
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