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SEO For Startups: How To Win Against Giant Competitors
15 November 2022 by Gaetano DiNardi

SEO strategy should be a priority focus for startups in 2023. In this guide, you will learn how to build an SEO road map for your startup, and how to integrate SEO with your sales and product strategy. This is a no fluff zone! Below, there are 10 a...
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Bad SEO Companies: 5 Warning Signs To Watch Out For
01 February 2022 by Gaetano DiNardi

With the future of your company’s digital marketing at stake, one simply can’t afford to go through a bad breakup. A bad SEO company can cost you THOUSANDS of dollars – and even worse, waste MONTHS of your valuable time. In this guide, y...
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My Name Is Gaetano. What Does It Mean?
01 January 2022 by Gaetano DiNardi

This year, we celebrated the 84th birthday of my grandfather, Gaetano, on December 23rd. It immediately dawned on me that since we carry the same name, that makes 110 years of Gaetano between the both of us. I’ve reflected upon how two...
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