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I Got A Major Label Meeting And Nothing Happened
01 August 2017 by Gaetano

Yes, I did get a major label meeting… and nothing happened. I’m going to explain how I got the meeting, and why nothing happened. Oh, You Do Music? Yeah… Me Too…  We all know someone trying to make it in the music busi...
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Music Career or Expensive Hobby? Which Do You Have?
30 July 2017 by Gaetano

Music career or expensive hobby? How do you distinguish between the two? Which one do you have? The first step is being honest with yourself....
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how to get booked for shows by building an online presence Read More

How I Got Booked For An International Show Without Trying
24 July 2017 by Gaetano

In this article, I am going to explain how to get booked for shows as an independent singer / songwriter. Follow these steps, and you’ll get booked without even trying. But first, ask yourself… Are You The Moth, Or The Flame? ...
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How Blue Eyed Soul Became The Music Industry’s First Big Marketing Scheme
14 June 2017 by Gaetano

Blue eyed soul is complete bullshit. Here’s why… My inspiration for writing this post came long before Jesse Williams’ ground breaking BET Awards Speech. It came long before Justin Timberlake’s misguided T...
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SoundCloud Removed My Track: What Can I Do About It?
25 February 2017 by Gaetano

Pretty much every upcoming songwriter in the world is on SoundCloud. And sometimes, your track will get removed without warning. In this article, I’ll explain what you can do about it. SoundCloud Is Important For Musicians, But Why...
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