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Is Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes a Scam? Decide for Yourself.
01 May 2022 by Gaetano

Coast 2 Coast is running a deceptive business that has become massively successful due to a slick combination of social media advertising, outbound marketing, email marketing, direct sales, and branding. In this article, I’m going to breakdown all the components of the scam and exactly how it works.

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I Got A Meeting With A Record Label. And Nothing Happened.
09 April 2022 by Gaetano

I got a major label meeting and nothing happened. Find out why this is a testament to working hard and not relying on others for your own success.

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how to get booked for shows by building an online presence Read More

How To Get Booked For Shows: The Indie Musician’s Guide
01 March 2022 by Gaetano

One day, it all clicked. I don’t chase women, so why am I chasing the industry? I realized that I have enough talent. All I need to do is build a movement, and people will catch on organically.This is the story behind how I got booked for an International show without even trying…

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soundcloud removed my track what can i do Read More

SoundCloud Deleted My Track: What Can I Do About It?
01 February 2022 by Gaetano

What happens when SoundCloud takes down your original music, without warning? Here’s how to fight back.

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Music Career or Hobby Musician? Which One Are You?
02 January 2022 by Gaetano

Music career or very expensive hobby? How do you distinguish between the two? Which one do you have? The first step is being honest with yourself.

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