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How Blue Eyed Soul Became The Music Industry’s First Big Marketing Scheme
14 June 2017 by Gaetano

Blue eyed soul is complete bullshit. Here’s why… My inspiration for writing this post came long before Jesse Williams’ ground breaking BET Awards Speech. It came long before Justin Timberlake’s misguided T...
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SoundCloud Removed My Track: What Can I Do About It?
25 February 2017 by Gaetano

Pretty much every musician in the world is on SoundCloud. And sometimes, your track will get removed without warning. In this article, I’ll explain what you can do about it. SoundCloud Is Important For Musicians, But Why Do They Remo...
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One Unsurprising Thing Donald Trump & Young Thug Have In Common
31 March 2016 by Gaetano

Donald Trump vs Young Thug? Whoa, weird. I know. It’s an unlikely comparison. Interestingly enough, there’s lots of similarities and differences. Let me break it down. It all stems from the astonishing similarity between...
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7 Critical Things You Should Know BEFORE Dating A Musician
15 February 2016 by Gaetano

The dating world for musicians is often a complex one. I’ll be writing this article based on my personal experience from a single male’s perspective. Since I’m NYC based, I’ll be explaining why that makes dati...
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110 Years Of Gaetano
28 December 2015 by Gaetano

Last week was a very special week. With the holiday season in full bloom, there was certainly much to celebrate. For me especially, being raised as a traditional Italian (not the Jersey Shore fake type), the importance of family has alwa...
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